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is naturally occurring sodium bentonite that exhibits outstanding characteristics for green sand molding. It imparts very high green compression strength and in the typical manner of sodium bentonite has a moderately high dry strength.

3Candok differs from other clays in the sense that it has an extraordinary ability to retain bonding ability after heat exposure. The foundry is able to maintain active clay levels with reduced additions of bentonite or replacement sand by the help of this superior thermal durability. This feature makes Candok ideal for applications that require high heat loads or high melt temperatures, such as iron foundries operating with low sand-to-metal ratios or steel foundries. Besides cost savings from lower bentonite adding one additional benefit is that there will be less waste fines to discard so disposal costs will be reduced.

Packaging; Candok is packed as 40 kg kraft and plastic lined bags or 500 kg big bags.

  Technical Specifications:

Color Brown-Cream
Swelling Index
Swelling Time
Moisture 9% max.
Green Compression Strength 1.800-2.300 gr/cm2
Dry Compression Strength
2.800-3.500 gr/cm2
Dry Screen (Passing 75µm)
75% min.
Sintering Temperature 1.050-1.150 oC


Canbensan produces drilling bentonite named as Canson both OCMA grade and API-13A grade.

Canson is naturally ocurring sodium bentonite, mined from specially selected ores which shows high swelling capacity. When added to rotary drilling fluid Canson improves performance in drilling, hole cleaning and hole stability. Canson is also used to seal and plug the holes.

4Main Advantages;
  • Canson will fill through standing a column of water and reach the bottom of the hole before swelling begins. Prevents bridging of the material to the wall of boreholes.
  • Prevents the entry of surface water into boreholes.
  • Aids in holding the explosive gas bumble downhole.
  • Simple to apply and easier to apply than pellets.
Canson is natural material complying with environmental regulatory rules.

Packaging; Canson is packed as 40 kg kraft and plastic lined bags, or 500 kg big bags.

  Technical Specifications:

OCMA Grade
Moisture 8-12% weight
Residue (Wet)
2% max.
Viscometer Reading (at 600 rpm)
30-40 cP
Filtrate Volume 11-16 cm3
Yield Point
18-25 cP

API-13A Grade
Moisture 9,5% weight
Residue (Greater than 75 mic)
2,5% weight
Viscometer Reading (at 600 rpm) 35 cP
Filtrate Volume 14 cm3
Yield Point
21 cP


5 These applications generally utilize the thixotrapic and filter cake forming properties of bentonite. Canbensan produces Canins for civil engineering applications.

Common applications include diaphragm wall construction, piling, tunneling, dam sealing, waste containment, brick and cement making.

Canins is used as an intermediary material in brick making for enhanced production improving green and dry strength, increasing water resistance and boosting yield. Canins increases the water proofing of finished cement.
Canins can be used in asphalt emulsions to hold the oil and water phases together in a stable emulsion. It offers higher activity, longer equipment life, batch to batch consistency and low acid demand.

Packaging; Canins is packed as 40 kg kraft and plastic lined bags or 500 kg big bags.


6 Canbensan serves the industrial markets by Cankim used as a intermediary material in different branches of industry, primary applications include detergents, rubber, ceramic, fertilizer and animal feed.